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Because sunshine makes us feel blue.. or pink.
update journal of the free fall network | sky-below.net
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3rd-Aug-2010 09:45 pm - Are you ready for the show~
Sasuke - Hmmm
So.. it's been another while eh. @__@ And I still haven't changed the layout of this journal, ahaha.. >>; But onto the "updates":

As per usual, I've been doing nothing but designing random things.

5 fanlistings were also put up for adoption recently and I'll be making decisions on them asap. I'm basically already set on the decisions, I just need to write out mails.. @__@ Also, I finally have a fanlisting collective again (entitled Day By Day because I'm a whore for Big Bang) with the most simplistic layout ever. But I felt like creating a bit of a winter-y layout (... in summer, I know) and there you go. x3 It's mostly only for my joined fanlistings anyway. I got tired of not listing my domain anywhere (or not joining any listings at all) so yesh. There it is.

(Also, er, fl collective affiliates are welcome in case anyone wants to xD; I don't think I'll be pimping it anywhere for a while.. in case I do get tired of the simplicity sometime soon and end up revamping it again, lol.)

I swear there was more and I just forgot or so I wish. I want to try and re-design sky-below before the summer is over and I'm off to college, but zero inspiration for it right now.. that, and I added more crazy shrine projects to my never-ending to-do-list but everyone knows how that usually turns out. >>; Ah, well. I basically just wanted to say hi and ask how everyone's been doing. ♥
15th-Apr-2010 03:55 pm - I said maybeee~
Sasuke - Hmmm
Quick update on all the sites that have been redesigned lately; sadly, no real content update because my brain is completely focused on Maths right now or that would be the goal anyway. Next 2 months are going to be hell, but hopefully a wonderful summer will be ahead. ♥

New layouts, new layouts! More details behind the cutCollapse )

Apart from that, I doubt there will be an update again before summer but who knows. <3 *loves on everyone~!* Now off to mail lisamio really quick T__T;; /so late gah ;;
15th-Feb-2010 12:13 pm - oh oh oh! it's a brand new sound
Sasuke - Hmmm
...SO I'M SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING RIGHT NOW but then I had this glorious idea not really omg and decided to work on something else instead. Fair warning, random update will be random and slightly nonsensical. :] Haha, joking aside, I'm just here to announce some things. ♥

New project coming. Details will be revealed at a later date. Can promise though that it will be absolutely amazing, ehehe. x3 *snugs proglution*

Surprise, surprise!
..actually, this was supposed to be filled under Fanlistings. For everyone who hasn't noticed yet, I've been playing with this thingy here ever since Thursday last week, haha. For those of you who can figure out what the numbers (and the whole mess in general, haha!) is for/mean: Do not let proglution know! :D It's really not that hard though ;fhjsf >>;

Either way, feel free to check back anytime as I'm crazy I have a few things in store, haha. proglution, you better be refreshing every day. >] PIRATES, AHOY~~~

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, everyone!
Yeah. That's about the whole update. WHO ELSE CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRIIIIING?

........ I promise the next few updates will have actual content, LOL. LOVE TO YOU GUYS! <3
Sasuke - Hmmm
....hiiii guys. It's been a while? ♥♥

I swear I meant to update this thing so much sooner but ;fhj stuff happened and ahh, went kinda MIA throughout all of fall/winter. I saw though that a bunch of you started following this community which made me reaaaaally happy <3 <3 You guys are the best~ *snugs everyone* But yesh, let's see what's new:

Sort of trying to decide which fanlistings to revamp next - there's still a bunch of them with plain horrid layouts. >>; As soon as all of them are more or less shiny though (ehe~) I want to launch my fanlisting collective~ Not sure yet who's going to feature it - might make a poll about it later. More fanlisting details here!Collapse )

Plans & Projects
  • Revamp this thing. More plans and projects details here!Collapse )

  • sky-below.net went online months ago! ♥

  • I'm glad that's at least out of the way x3 and it really took me long enough >>;

    That's all for today! Pretty boring update, but .. this thing really needed some updating. >>; Here's hoping 2010 will be a far more productive year than 09 :) even tho I really doubt this, what with college coming up and 48943 other things .. but here's hoping! xDD;
    26th-Aug-2009 10:58 am - 01. there's something about you
    Sasuke - Hmmm
    Finally, a first update here. (sighs) About time! ♥ Rather fanlisting-focused with a hint of what's to come next - preferably before school starts, err.

    Early 2009 was a very, very good start fanlisting-wise - looking back, I really can't believe how lucky I was to have been approved for some of those subjects. With the lack of an update journal and me being lazy, there are a few subjects that I've never really pimped anywhere - either because I'm not really satisfied with the layout, don't consider it finished (content-wise) or.. just didn't have time for a proper pimp, LOL. A full list of all of my currently owned fanlistings will be found at my upcoming fanlisting collective, but for now, those are our newest additions: Fanlisting details here!Collapse )

    Plans & projects
    Realistically >>; this is what's definitely on upcoming: Upcoming details here!Collapse )

  • glamdreamer.com will be expiring in ~ 2 weeks - I'm not sure yet if I really want to let go of it completely or not, haha. I do have a few ideas for which I could use this domain, still.. but we'll see. I guess I'm just a little attached to it after 4 faithful years.

    We'll see, we'll see. For now I'm busy moving the rest of the fanlistings. For the fanlistings that already have been moved, I'd appreciate it if everyone could update their links! <3

  • Miscellany
  • We've recently joined iconrebel because I suck at maintaining communities on my own, as proven so often before which needs 1 more member to hit 50 so requests will be opened. ♥♥
  • sunsunblue has gotten its first not-so-blue layout which is only temporary, I promise, lol. Hearts for everyone!

  • That is all, for now. Hopefully see you guys soon again and ;fshfj thank you for watching my lame attempts at being productive updates, everyone! <33
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